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Enneagram Workshops 2018


Introduction to Enneagram

Introductory Day on Friday 29th June



Advanced Subtype Exploration Day

Saturday 30th June : !0am -4pm


Price and venue TBC


Professional Certification Training

- In depth experiential training with a strong focus on application,

for those who would like to teach the enneagram - 8 days



- Introductory Course


- Professional Certification Course


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mobile: +61 417 667 866

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For PRIVATE TYPING sessions for individuals, couples or families.


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The Enneagram is a powerful and dynamic personality system that describes nine distinct and fundamentally different patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. The word “ennea” is Greek for nine and “gram” means model or figure. Hence, the Enneagram is a diagram with nine points representing the nine character patterns. Each of these nine patterns is based
on particular perceptual filters that determine our worldview. Each of the nine patterns has a belief about what is needed in life for survival and satisfaction.


The Enneagram is our oldest typology system. It’s origins have been tracked back to the 3rd Century AD. The Armenian philosopher George I. Gurdjief brought the Enneagram to the West early last century. Since that time there has been much development of the system into the most comprehensive character typology we have today.

Unlike other typologies, Enneagram identifies discreet core motivations not just behaviour descriptives. This then lends itself to deeper personal insight, greater empathy and lasting change.


Why learn the Enneagram?

The purpose of learning one’s egoic structure is not to become a better ego, but to wake up to one’s true nature and stop all false identification and a life of ‘efforting’.


We must however get a firm grip on something before we can really let it go.


The Enneagram reveals the nine variations of the basic beliefs that limits us & keep us separate from our world. Once these patterns or veils of subconscious identification are brought to light, they can be dissolved in the search for the true I.


Learn about yourself

What motivates you to think, feel & behave the way that you do?

What happens to you under optimal & stressful circumstances?

What are you focusing on, what are you missing?


Learn about you in the world

• Why you’re attracted to certain people, work, environments?

• Why they’re attracted to you?

• Why you respond in certain ways to certain types (type bias)?

• What you need to help you stay connected to your souls purpose as distinct from your personality’s need

• How to make sense of the dynamics in your relationships

Recommendations for Types

• Identify type & specific type compatibility

• How to best utilize the strengths & blessings of each type

• Recommendations for freedom from type structure & a return to essence



• Enhance your emotional intelligence trough an awareness of your personality & the personalities of those in your world to increase empathy

• To then find choice & freedom in not over identifying with the personality & living from the deeper truth of your essence.

• To develop insight & the practical tools for this transformation.

To be established in the truth of yourself, you must be willing to see something of the false identity that has been running your whole life. The Enneagram provides the precise structure of the lock that keeps you in the ‘too safe but not real’ world of the ego. The Enneagram shows how the ego veils the true essence of who you are through unconscious, compulsive or habitual patterning. The Enneagram reveals our ‘mistaken identity’ and offers us a liberation into true nature.




Jutka offers private typing sessions for individuals, couples or families.


She also offers a variety of trainings and workshops based on the Enneagram.